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 The GSS Experience 

Imagine sipping teas from around the world in a Springtime patio garden, listening to soft music, gentle fountains, and then entering a forest glen at dusk with a cozy fireplace, twinkling fireflies, and glowing salt rocks to have your natural facial treatment performed by candlelight.

No synthetics. No machines. Just simple, effective & proven methods for beautiful skin. Ease tension with timeless techniques practiced for centuries.

The freshest skin care made from naturally sourced materials by skilled local artisans. Depart feeling incredibly relaxed with healthy, glowing skin.

Welcome to the Genesis Studio Spa.

Where we work with Nature for long-lasting beauty.

Coming Summer of 2024


Leave the cold, clinical setting behind and enter into a world of truly natural skin care. Feel like royalty as you comfortably lay down on comfortable linens for your sugaring services.

From facial touch-ups to full Brazilians, trust one the most highly-recommended sugaring experts to gently, safely, and thoroughly tend your personal hair removal needs.


The science of color, sound, scent, and subtle touch come together to take you to the ultimate experience of relaxation.


Feel the tension from anxiety, headaches, sinus pressure, and more disappear through Gua Sha and Reflexology therapies.

Perfect for cancer patients looking to safely relax and require minimal-to-no touch.

GSS Tranquility Room service table, salt rock, candles on floor

Coming Summer 2024!

We purchase quality skin care that is good for you and the environment from local vendors as well as prominent natural skin care lines that support fair-trade and certified as organic, non-GMO, marine-reef certified, and/or rain forest alliance.

From candles to sage bundles, body lotions & oils, head-to-toe skin care, ear candles, bulk herbs, salts and minerals, loose teas from around the world, and so much more!

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